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    On Jul 7, 2015 David Smith wrote:

     It is regrettable that race had to play such a prominent role in the story. Your interpretation of the experience is that here is an angry (white?)  man who is giving $50,000 to assuage his guilt, and his actions were not driven by any compassion. If receiving the contaminated water from this distasteful man was so objectionable to you, why did you even accept it?

    Perhaps the black woman felt guilt that she earned $50 from a white person, saw the money as contaminated, and decided to give it away. The fact is, we don't know what was in her heart or her mind, just as we don't  know what was in the heart and mind of the white man. We have to rely on your interpretation of these events, and hope that you were not seeing things through a racial prism. We do know he gave 1,000 times as much money, but, he turned out to be the villain in this story and she turned out to be the saint. The American media and our own President keep hammering us with similar stories, and all they do is make race relations worse.

    There was no reason to bring racial relations into your story. It contaminated what was otherwise a very well spoken analogy.

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