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    On Jul 5, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I like the author's analogy that money is like water.  Both are resources that can do great good and great harm.  Money, like water, can flow gently and be used to nurture and foster life.  Money and water can move so fast that they cause damage and destruction.  Too much money, like too much water, can destroy and kill lives.  I've heard that winning the lottery has been blamed for ruining the lives of many winners to the point that they wish they had never won the money.  Money and water can be held back, hoarded, and become stagnant and toxic, being used for no productive purpose by anyone.  Water and money have beauty when they stay in their proper channels and are used productively.  People have gone to war for money and people may soon be going to war over water.  When I contribute money to a cause that I feel positive about, I feel good for using the money in a way that served my highest ideals.  What helps me engage with money in a mindful manner is to remind myself that money is a two edged sword that can be used for good and evil, and to remind myself to use money to live and not get caught up in living to make money.

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