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Man's Most Important Mistake

On Jul 1, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 There are three interrelated dimensions of my self: The changing self, the spiritual self and the social self. The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my self are changing experiencing pleasures and pains, ups and downs. The spiritual self is unchanging, unaffected by the changes taking place in the changing self. The social self, the cultural self, is the relational self having a net work of different relationships helping me grow but also conditioning my changing self.The intra-personal self and the inter-personal self creates varieties of colorful experiences, pleasant and unpleasant.The spiritual self is the being  self-the embodiment of love, compassion and bliss. When I am in the becoming zone, I experience the changing self. When I am in the being zone, love , compassion and bliss arise on their own. The changing self is the doing and possessing self creating bondage in me. The spiritual self is the freeing self, the universal self. When I practice mindful awareness the clouds generated by my changing self slowly slowly fade away and I experience blissful openness, clarity and expansion of my consciousness. When I relate to others mindfully, I experience connectedness, compassion and gratitude. During that time, I am more in the being zone while I am in the doing zone. According to my experience, the being self, the spiritual self is experienced in the doing zone when there is no bondage created by my expectations.The challenge is to remain awake when I go through self-created clouds of suffering.

This is an ongoing journey fro me and I love it.
Jagdish P Dave

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