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    On Aug 11, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    I see "nothing happened," which means nothing happened that is a problem, as being very worthy of celebration. It's a time without disruption, a time of peace and stability, a time to breathe deep, relax and enjoy. I've had many times of nothing happening, including right now, most of which I take for granted without feeling gratitude. And there are times mainly of reflection or meditation when I am aware that nothing is happening, I am free of big problems, life is good, and I experience deep gratitude. What helps me be grateful for my breath is knowing that life's a fiddler on the roof, precarious and fragile, always changing, with no guarantees. I know the bottom can fall out at any moment. What helps me be grateful for my breath is having had times when it was hard to breathe, when big problems did occur, and times of seeing big problems occur for others. It helps me to know that nothing is for sure, and no breath can occur any moment. It helps me to know that's life.

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