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    On Aug 9, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Every moment I breathe in and out. It is a gift of life. a thread running through my life, holding my life. It is so close to me that I do not notice it, not aware of it and be grateful for having such a vital gift.This is the way I relate to the notion of "nothing happened." Attending to my breath, being aware of the in and out rhythms of my breath and being grateful for the breath is worthy of celebration. I celebrate it and be grateful for it.

    I recognize that the stream of my life does not always flow smoothly. I have experiencedsmall and big hurricanes in my life: people close to me passing away, going through chronic aches and pains and swings of ups and downs. As I am getting old, thoughts of the doors of life coming to close arise in my mind, and I see the shadow of death approachingme. Noticing these thoughts and accepting them makes me realize the inevitable truth of my existence. Awareness of this happening in my mind makes me appreciate the gift of life, the gift of breath. And that is seeing something!
    Attention, awareness, acceptance of what is happening and remaining awake is the way I relate to the flow of life. I appreciate the gift given by the author Gregg Krechin the last paragraph of this passage:
    " So take a moment and sit back. And breathe in "nothing happened". And breathe out a breath of thanks. Gratitude for just being able to breathe. Now that's a really somthing!

    " So take a moment and sit back.And breathe in"nothing happened"

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