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Eulogy Versus Resume Virtues

On Jun 28, 2015 jerard wrote:

 For me both of the two are building virtues, the only  distinction between the two is that eulogy is  a virtue we build prior to the day we leave the world and such virtue will continue to work in hand, while the resume is a virtue we build to be equipped  in the present.

When we prepare a resume, we ensure all the details therein speaks about our technical ability to compete in the market while a preparation for eulogy is at large character of what we build although our life for the sake of a good legacy that will work in hand as we leave the world.
To deepen the eulogy virtue, I always end up a day with a good realization for the good and bad times, but still looking at the brighter side of everything and being thankful for the blessings left in hand. That, the best virtue is accepting things happen according to God’s will.

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