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    On Jun 27, 2015 david doane wrote:

    There is one I.  I is always changing, not static.  That I am constantly changing doesn't mean there are many I's.  I can be many different ways, display many different moods and behaviors, have many different wishes,and they are all different facets of one I.  It may seem that I has parts, some of which I like and some I hide, but I is one.  I became aware that real I is whole in realizing that I and everyone is capable of the full range of human experience and behavior.  We are each generous and selfish, caring and murderous, forgiving and petty, alive and suicidal, gentle and rapish, honest and duplicitous, embracing and racist, integrated and fragmented.  I develop and live out different qualities at different times, sometimes consciously and sometimes not, sometimes by choice and sometimes not.  I still am all of those qualities.  I am the whole package.  There are no separate I's.  At the deepest level I am the consciousness that is aware of all these aspects and orchestrates the whole symphony.  I know that I have touched the real I when I hold this awareness.

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