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A Bigger Container

On Jun 20, 2015 david doane wrote:

Creating a bigger container means allowing awareness to become deeper, broader, and continuous.  I have felt my 'container' enlarge as I have become more aware, more present, and more mindful.  For me, practicing awareness and mindfulness involves being in the present, observing and being attentive to what I am feeling and thinking and to what is happening within me and between me and others.  As I am aware and mindful, I enlarge the container.  My goal is to abide in this state as I go about my daily living, so that I live my life with awareness in charge of myself, in charge of my actions rather than my actions in charge of me, responding with awareness to what is happening rather than reacting.  It is interesting that the author says we know we are at the limit of our container when we feel anger.  I think that is true.  I have come to believe that anger is not a necessary emotion, and when I become angry, as I do, I have hit the limit of my growth and know I have further enlarging of my container to do.

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