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Not Minding What Happens

On Jun 10, 2015 Padma wrote:

 This is very profound and powerful statement " I don't mind any thing that happens"  which literally means being in alignment with what ever happens... When are in alignment with the present moment what ever it might be with out any resistance , fear dissolves and there is profound peace deep inside as you are  playing the role of observer. Recently I have been to a spiritual hiking trip on the weekend to Portland ,Oregon. The hiking spot which was choose had some steep heights to climb. Initially when I started the hike, Fear was rising ( Can I hike these steep mountains?, what if I fall off?)  Then I decided to stay in the present in alignment with what ever happens and go deeper into the fear if it arises... a wonderful transformation happened as I decided to go deeper into it without resistance, It completely dissolved ! I was able enjoy the hike to its fullest. When I came down some thing in me has dissolved and I was more open to the present moment..

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