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Not Minding What Happens

On Jun 10, 2015 Taposhi Samanta wrote:

 These moments are flowing into my life from where, I have no clue. Lately I have been observing that something within, takes care of all those conditionings that I am so used to. Inner disturbances that I lived with stay away while I am walking on the meadow of emotionless or feeling less. 

It was one of those conflicting moments that I was witnessing....
I was shuffling my commitments while being part of a large group; that disturbed people around me and I was blamed for many things that definitely would have bothered me for months. I was in the bad books of many, who seem to trust me initially, but failed to now. It was very uncomfortable explaining myself to each and everyone who have already framed opinions about me at their will. I was alone-the "common enemy"!

But something inside stopped "reacting" to those people and I found myself guilt-free, agony-free, stress-free!
It was no more important to think about all that was happening around me. Something took charge and I was yet walking with my feet on the ground.

It seemed like I did not mind what was happening around me!

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