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Not Minding What Happens

On Jun 9, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Yes, it sounds simple but it is very profound. It seems easy to understand but difficult to implement and practice. This secret of living mindfully and fully reminds me of short yet profound sutras like Be Here Now, Now Consciousness, Beginner's Mind , Suchness, Isness  and may other similar pearls of wisdom. Cultivating mindfulness practice everyday holistically in many contexts of my everyday living has been very helpful to me. Does it mean I do not use my mind for planning, problem solving and processing information? Of course not. It is like everything:clearing up self-created clouds and relating to me and others mindfully and wisely. When I do not live this way I compassionately forgive myself and count the blessings without dwelling on my burdens. This for me an art of living and it is an ongoing amazing journey.

i always appreciate getting wonderful weekly gifts getting and reading reflections and comments. Thank you all and namaste.

Jagdish P Dave

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