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Not Minding What Happens

On Jun 5, 2015 david doane wrote:

'Not minding what happens' means to simply be with what is presently happening within me and between us without judgment or trying to change anything or trying to get somewhere.  It means being aware of what I am seeing, hearing feeling, and probably expressing and sharing it.  Over time it's a process of staying with what is presently happening which is constantly changing and evolving.  I am a psychotherapist, and as a psychotherapist I have the fortunate 'job' of being in a relationship of inner nonresistance with what is happening as I am with various persons throughout the day. What helped me develop this inner alignment was being with a therapist/mentor who was in inner alignment as he was with me, resulting in my turning on to living in alignment with what is happening and my going on to live in that alignment with others.  What helps me develop this is practice.  It has also helped me to have a group that provides some kinship, support, protection, guidance, critique.  What helps me stay with it is my experience that living in and with this inner alignment is alive and meaningful for me.  Abiding in the process of living and relating as it happens, not knowing what will happen next, is exciting and creative.  It's living in intimacy.  It's fulfilling.  I'll probably never retire because I'd be less alive without it.

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