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    On Jun 3, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     This writing evoked memories of many experiences and things I have done in the past and what I have been doing in my long life span. years. There is a continuous and consistent theme running through my life.

    As a teenager I wanted to relate to girls of my age passionately. A part of myself wanted  to do it and a part of myself restrained me from acting on it. The restraint came from my fear of being rejected or ridiculed or criticized for doing the wrong thing or not doing the right thing.It was not a devastating deal for me as I had strong interest in studying and I had many close boy friends. I learned not to do what I would love to do out of fear. And that continued until I reached 20. And when I took the risk of expressing my true feelings of love for a lovely girl, I was thrown out of that girl's family circle. Love should bring happiness and joy which I deserved. In stead I got a big setback, a deep hurt and deep feelings of depression. The ray of hope was my sense of self. I  never felt unworthy. I love myself and there is no fear in having a positive sense of my self. And that trait in me led me to a very loving and a beautiful soul mate whom I happily married. Both of us could do it  because both of us loved deeply and were ready to face difficulties arising from her parents not wanting me to marry her because of class differences- me an ordinary low income earning teacher and she having all the comforts and luxuries one would like to have.Love triumphed as we embraced life fearlessly.

    Another significant arena of my life is characterized by the theme of follow your bliss.  I was eager to go to school as a child  because I love to learn. That passion has enriched my life to make me a life-long learner. Nothing has  deterred  me from following my bliss. The other side of the equation of learning is teaching. I love to learn and to teach. I became a teacher in Ahmedabad, my home town in India. The teacher's salary at that time was very low. But that did not stop me from following my bliss. And it did not stop Vanleela from being my life partner. I love to to teach and I teach with love. It is very fulfilling.At the age of 90 plus my journey still continues with the same passion and vigor bringing gifts of happiness to me and to others connected wit me. The more we give, the more we receive.

    May the spirit of fearlessness enkindle love in all of us.

    Namaste. Love.

    Jagdish P Dave

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