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    On Jun 2, 2015 david doane wrote:

    The author says the reason Bernice Reagon went back into the street and risked her life was because she was crazy and doing what she believed she was supposed to be doing.  That could be love.  Love does cause a person to go beyond his or her fear, forget about self, forget about one's own safety and appearance, and do crazy, unselfconscious, risky things.  I don't recall a time I've turned my work into a gift with fearlessness.  I don't think I've ever been fearless.  I've had times of being courageous which to me is to take action even though fearful.  I've had times of taking a risk regarding something or someone I believed in when I didn't know what would happen to me and mostly didn't care, which for me were times of being crazy courageous but not fearless.  I've been close to fearless in my personal life, when my heart got hooked on this girl who said 'No' to my first 4 or 5 requests to go out with her over the course of a number of days, and I kept going back and approaching her, and then she said 'Yes' and now she is my wife of 37 years.  Times of being in a prison of fear are when I stop myself because I'm afraid.  Becoming aware that I stop me, fear doesn't stop me, helps me take responsibility and be free. 

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