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A Circle of Trust

On Apr 12, 2015 david doane wrote:

 A circle of trust may consist of me, myself, and I, or it may be me and one other person, or it may be me and a group of people.  At any rate, in a circle of trust, we are being still, probably being quiet much more than speaking.  There's a saying about talking only when talking is an improvement over silence.  And a saying that most of our problems come from our inability to sit alone in a room and be still.  It's said that we communicate head to head, heart to heart, and soul to soul.  An individual enjoys a circle of trust with himself or her self when he or she can quietly be with himself or herself, reflecting or meditating or being still, tuning in to his or her own soul, not thinking frenetically about things to do.  Lovers can sit without talking for extended periods and simply be together appreciating each other, soul to soul.  A group, probably a small group, can similarly be together, listening to one another, being open, respectful and caring with one another, not talking over one another.  Those times, with myself or one other or a small group are peaceful and typically there is a good deal of quiet, and it is during such times that soul has space to put in an appearance, or be noticed since it is always there.  I've had some such experiences and they are most satisfying, alive, intimate, connected.  It's in those experiences that I learned what it means to feel metaphorically two feet off the ground.

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