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    On Jun 21, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Sister Joan Chittister'swords are deeply thought provoking to me. To me the spiritual life is very important. As a human being I experience and display paradoxes in my life and see paradoxes around me.When I lose my centering and quietude, I get trapped by the vicissitudes of life. The flow of spirituality in my heart becomes thin and weak.By paying attention to what is happening within me and by creating centering and calmness in me the flow of spirituality regains its strength and purity and helps my paradoxes lay in rest transcending the paradoxes.

    Last Saturday I was invited to a dinner meeting of my good old friends.Two of my dear friends approached me to get me input about an important issue that was bothering them. Their two dear friends did not believe in the existence of God. Their non-atheistic stance bothered them.This is a good example of how we get caught up in our oppositional stances and our stream of love flowing in our heart gets dried in the sand of arguments, They felt bad about the irritation and agitationthey were feeling in their heart. We found a quiet place to create centering, quietude and non-judgemental awareness.This
    process helped their heart flowing with loving kindness.

    The last paragraph of the writing is very illuminating." The single-
    minded concentration on the essence and purpose of life, along with a focus on inner quietude and composure, makes for a life lived in white
    light and deep heat of the very core of the soul."
    Jagdish P Dave

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