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    On Mar 10, 2015 Adam Morris wrote:

    Profitability is the established measure of success, so productivity is subsequently cherished.  There is a competition to find talented people to ensure this productivity, and subsequently to be talented and develop our kids to be “successful”, talented people.  Technology has been cultivated to facilitate this.
    But then, it gets overwhelming, so for my recovery, I use technology to surf the web, watch youtube, facebook, whatever - which is about as mindless as watching TV - and this sort of vegging keeps me locked in another frame of mind, and doesn’t help me return to just being.
    There is a huge difference when I am fully present in my day.  When I am present, I find there is no need for solitude.  The moment unfolds naturally, more in tune.  If only this happened more often!  It’s both people and technology and this incessant pings of distractions where my mind is trying to do too much at once, that distracts from this continuity.  The “value of lack”, to me, means the space needed let this presence find its way back to me.
    I believe technology, business processes, and our recovery can be developed to encourage being ourselves, instead of being caught up in it all.  We just to articulate the value of it, and our focus to develop it will follow.

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