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    On Mar 8, 2015 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     Incorporating absence means taking time to just be. To be without technology or being plugged in. To sit and meditate or just sit and be. I have felt in a sanctuary when I allow myself to take time to be and reflect and not be plugged into internet or phone or TV but to be plugged into self, surroundings whatever those surroundings are. For example, today I decided to walk rather than take the bus to my destination for brunch in DC. (I do this often, walking rather than using public transport) and it's an opportunity even in a city to just be. I didn't listen to any music. I simply walked. Listening to traffic, birds in trees, my feet hitting the pavement, my breathing. It felt cleansing, even in the midst of the city. It helped that it was a beautiful Springlike day today too. I also walked home and on a whim, decided to stop at a friend's house to hug her and just sit with her on her front porch which is across the street from a park. We sat and talked and enjoyed the sun on our faces. Unplugging from internet & phone, walking rather than a car or public transport are 2 small ways to feel in sanctuary and a little bit of absence. Being in nature definitely helps. I do my best to create an unplugged sanctuary for part of every weekend, sometimes I do it for an entire or more than 24 hours, lovely!

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