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The Act of Giving is the True Gift

On Feb 25, 2015 Sepli Bunta wrote:

 The story comparing Arjuna and Karna is perfect.  I love it because it is all of us.  I cannot count the times in my life that I have gotten caught in the "greatness of my giving," emphasis on "my."  How perfect an example to model: giving without thought, then, moving on into the next moment.  One of my personalities is "the teacher," so, too often I find myself getting absorbed in the desire of sharing my wisdom.  I am in a new relationship with a woman who is so unattached to her instinctual wisdom, her words are always just her opinion with no desire to do anything other than 
"utter the truth."  She never tries to instruct, and because of this, she becomes, like Karna, the best giver of all of us.

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