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    On Feb 22, 2015 Rebecca M wrote:

    How often do we see the negative side of things! Even though we don't really want to add more negativity to the world, we seem to do it. How foreign it seems to look for things to be positive about. The media is filled to the brim with bleak news, global warming, failing economies, GMO's,  chem trails, war, killings and murde, child abuse... ...listening to it evokes fear, anger, self righteous indignation in us, is it any wonder that we look at the negative when we are constantly bombarded with how bad things are? We are taught, from the start, to look for the negative, to react negatively. How can we change this? The world is full to the brim with positive things, but for some strange reason we gloss over those things. We fail to celebrate the sheer joy of existence, which if embraced, would be something that would add so much to our lives. Nature teaches us the lesson of beauty, of abundance, of birth, of renewal, of grace yet we ignore those lessons in our hast to criticize, condemn and complain. If we do not learn to embrace these lessons, if we don't somehow replace negative thinking with positive, it is not only we who suffer, but the whole of humanity. The whole Earth cries out for our joyful embrace. Enough of our criticizing, condemning and complaining! Let us look for and find that joy, together, moment by moment, let us embrace what is good, both in ourselves and in others.

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