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    On Feb 13, 2015 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

    I feel fortunate to live in this world every day. Friends have termed me "slightly exuberant" and I am grateful to be in such a space. I have always somehow retained a childlike sense of wonder, that is not to be confused with childish; big difference. Being sincerely enthusiastic means embracing the world around us, seeing with childlike eyes the beauty and wonder that is everywhere. It is being excited about sidewalk chalk hopscotch and leaping in and playing it when you see it. It is blowing bubbles and sharing them with strangers (which I do every week somewhere) It is carrying a Free Hugs sign everywhere you go and using it. Being sincerely enthusiastic means watching a group of people play music in a temporary band they formed with whom they rehearsed 4 or 5 times and singing praises to them and enjoying their courage to share their music in a passionate way even if it is slightly out of tune. It is loving Barry Manilow because he's Barry Manilow; so funny you used that reference, I am a huge fan! Please allow yourselves to be sincerely enthusiastic for those around you and for yourself. Hugs from my heart to yours as I fly off to perform at a Storytelling Festival in Iran where yes, I will be sharing bubbles :)

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