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    On May 31, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Our thoughts, feelings and actions are expressed in response to stimuli. If they are expressed automatically and unmindfully, they can cause harm and suffering.There is unconditioned space, stillness, between stimulus and response.Out thoughts, feelings and actions change. The space is unchanging like the sky without clouds. The unchanging clear sky is a container of the changing clouds. The clear mind is like the clear sky, the container of the changing thoughts, feelings, and actions-the mind stuff.
    I feel the unconditioned stillness when my mind is clear and
    calm.This happens when I am fully engaged and absorbed in an activity. My mind is fully alive and vibrant in the space filled with the unchanging stillness. Such active mind in the inner stillness brings delight, light and fullness.
    Daily practice of meditation and relating to what I do in my everyday life makes my life meaningful and joyful.
    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Jun 8, 2019 Anil Pandit wrote:

    While doing a 'Jaapa', everytime the same mantra is repeated, the 'repeat' happens on its own and without any thoughtful intervention. During the minute time interval of transition, the mind experiences stillness. In the practice of multiple jaapa, there is accumulation (integration) of these time intervals, which can be felt / sensed / cherished !

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