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    On Jan 6, 2015 Cheryl wrote:

    Creating Welcoming spaces for others!!! Wow how relevant to me this year.  Let me share some of my story.  On January 2/2012 my beautiful son Richard passed away tragically at the age of 22, just 5 days after a diagnosis of testicular cancer.  Our close knit family was of course devastated and in shock.  Somehow though, Richard continues to inspire me and help me to make something good come out of this terrible event.  In November of 2012 through as series of remarkable circumstances and connections, our family created "Richard's Reading Room"  at YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services) which is an organization that helps and houses homeless youth in our community.    I NEEDED to do something meaningful with Richard's extensive book collection).  But this space has become so much more than a quiet place to read.  I have heard it called a "sanctuary within a sanctuary"  by the staff there.  And one day when visiting and reorganizing the books, I had an epiphany.  "Richard's Reading Room"  is a small safe, private space that can be used by 2-3 youth at most.  I realized how much I value my "alone" time, my ability to have privacy in my home, and how much Richard valued his home (he was a VERY introverted young man who, although he managed both work and school, needed to regroup at home).  Privacy is a commodity rarely available to a homeless person.  I realized that to be able to create safe, beautiful spaces for others, was what I wanted to do to continue Richard's legacy.  I am currently working on 2 new projects.  Refurbishing a playroom for an organization called "KIDS WITH CANCER",  and a family space at an assisted living facility for people with brain injury, dementia, and mental health challenges.   I am not sure how far this journey will take me, or even how we will find funding for these endeavors, but I believe this is my calling.  It is a way to bring my son's sweet, gentle soul forward with me, and a way to help fill the hole in my heart with love for others.  The hole will always be there, but if I can, even for a moment make someone's day more peaceful, or put a smile on their face, then the love I feel for my son will go on forever in the hearts and souls of others.  Namaste.

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    On Jan 6, 2015 david doane wrote:

     My sincere condolences to you, Cheryl, and my admiration and congratulations to you as to what you are doing with your pain and loss, and your keeping your son and your love for him benefiting others and alive in others. 

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    On Jan 15, 2015 cheryl wrote:

     Thankyou David.  

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