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    On May 17, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I like this thought-provoking and very helpful essay by Margaret Wheatley. Mind-set like" Black or White" or "Either Or" or "My way is the only way and no other way" sadly closes doors for expanding ur consciousness. Getting stuck with such mindset not only confines us to the restrictive way of living in the "comfortable place of certainty" but also creates walls for us and between others for making significant changes in ourselves and others in important spheres of life. Fortunately living with open-minded families and friends I have been able to make a shift from narrow and close minded mind-set to more open and inclusive growth promoting mind-set. I know it is not that easy to move from the " comfortable place of certainty" to moving into the "uncomfortable place of uncertainty.". It is a slow and steady inner journey of transformation. I learned from Mahatma Gandhi's wise statement of learning how to remake our inner world before trying to remake outer world.
    I find it difficult to change my position about some of our fixed and exclusive mind-set of elected politicians. I have a couple of dear friends who according to my view are stuck with a fixed, blind and rigid mind-set to see the harmful ways of theirideology that perpetuates injustice especially done to minorities. I am willing to empathically understand theirperspective and position with little success. I try to keep my mind open and flexible hoping a shift in their mind-set.
    Open-mindedness, practicing "beginner's mind", empathic understanding, authenticity and willingness to self- examine and learning to move from the "comfortable place of certainty" to the "uncomfortable place of uncertainty".
    Jagdish P Dave

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