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Creating Welcoming Space

On Jan 6, 2015 Syd wrote:

This welcoming space is an important quality and appears everyone is awakening this within themselves on this site. I also feel welcomed here on this site where everyone is respectful of each others individuality and everyone is considerate. It seems everyone is allowed to find their own way in life on Awakening and is without anyone trying to be in control. I also feel on Awakening no one is using each other as a function of themselves or objects to be used for our own gratification. The space is this sharp sense of everyone's unique otherness, as well as the otherness of everything. Everyone appears sensitive and respectful of the individuality of each other. The message that everyone is valuable because we are each individuals is a welcoming space. On Awakening I experience the depths of everyone's heart where I can learn to simply and genuinely be myself. It is the clarification of my boundaries and borders.

On Jan 6, 2015 david doane wrote:

 I think you're right, Syd.  Thanks for noticing it and pointing it out.  Dave

On Jan 7, 2015 Amy wrote:

 I'm with Syd.  
The sweetest gift one can give another is to listen to them.  No judgement.  No interruption.  No correction or advice. Listening and presence are pure and holy gifts.  


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