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Creating Welcoming Space

On Jan 5, 2015 Vibha wrote:

 To me it means creating and holding life nurturing space for the other person. And to me the key ingredients for life nurturing are - being fully present, listening, appreciating mindfully, respecting freedom, both in physical space as well as with regard to choices/views. Many times, I have experienced both, giving and receiving this kind of hospitality. One experience goes back 5 yrs back when I hosted a destitute old woman in my space and another one is when an adolescent created a welcoming space for me about 8 yrs back, which continues even now after becoming an adult. After reading this piece, I am getting ideas for an upcoming workshop I am designing for doctors working in governement hospitals, to address their attitude towards patients. I am going to use this, so thank you for posting.  

On Jan 6, 2015 susan schaller wrote:

 Happy New Year!  All the best to your workshop facilitation - a needed idea for all of us.


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