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Creating Welcoming Space

On Jan 3, 2015 navinsata wrote:

 1. saint kabir when ever he helped needy his eyes whare at their feet,when asked why he did this his explanation was lord [narayna] comes in many forms to bless us [na jane kis roop mae mil jaye narayan] so i am surendering to his lotus feet. 2.meera bai favorite chanting mere tao giridhar gopal dusaro na koi [in her eyes only beloved krishna inside and out side everywhare. 3.bhagvad geeta shri krishna explains to us vasudev sarvam iti=every thing is form of lord so whole world is our family there is no others. he also explains divine virtues whare there is no ego, [amaanitvam] when we develop this virtues in action then we have realise infinite space within our self ,always love n.n.c. oh lord make me instrument of thy love

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