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    On Jan 3, 2015 david doane wrote:

    "Be welcome" was the greeting I received from my mentor, partner, and friend.  He said and lived those words.  His name was Jim Guinan.  Being on the receiving end of his welcome, I felt wanted, accepted, valued, special.  I felt free to be myself and be open about myself.  I loved being with him, truly for how I was when I was with him.  It (he) was a life changing experience for me.  I went through a time of being angry that he welcomed and treated others the same as he treated me, until I got to the point of being happy that he welcomed everyone.  Then I got to the point of my becoming  more welcoming, more like him.  My boundaries of relationship and acceptance expanded.  He has died in body, but he and his welcome are still very alive in me, and help me mindfully create spaces of welcome.   I revel in the times I say "be welcome" and am welcoming and someone feels accepted, safe, valued and free to be open with me.  When I personally am not welcomed, I don't necessarily doubt myself, turn inward, shrivel up, feel excluded and not acceptable.  No one and no experience can make me feel that way, though it is a lot easier for me and anyone to doubt self, shrivel up and feel unacceptable when not welcomed.  I know the experience of my being deeply welcomed is a major factor and resource within me in my not going into a tailspin, at least not most of the time, when I am not welcomed.  I hope I inspire that in others, and my saying and living "be welcome" is a good start.

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