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Creating Welcoming Space

On Jan 3, 2015 Abhishek wrote:

 A welcoming space has to be an empty space i.e. empty of 'me' (where typically I tend to be full of 'my'self).

The empty-Me space is where the other person truly can walk in as themselves, unjudged, without expectations of having to be something or behave in a certain way.

And that emptyness shows, not in the first smile perhaps, but in how we respond when the smile is ignored or not reciprocated. At such a time, if there is a shrinking or disappointment, the space I created still have a little bit of 'me'. But the deeply welcoming space welcomes even the ignoring of the smile as lightly and easily....

Ahemadabad, SF and actually all of our ecosystem tends to be such a space - and one of the reasons for that, I feel is that we forget 'ourselves' and center the space on the other. In that erasing of ourselves (in a manner of speaking), we let the other person BE themselves and therefore truly truly experience themselves and the love that they are....and what a transformative experience that is!

Just as in physical hospitality having a larger house helps, in true hospitality, having a largeness of spirit does.

To me, when Somik mails in with a few comments from last week highlighted, that is also an act of hospitality - because it is a welcoming into the space of Awakin each time we come here! Ditto with the SS smiles and comments :)

I hold the intention that we expand this space to include the whole world! :)

On Jan 6, 2015 Mihir wrote:

 Beautiful! So happy to read the first line :) Thanks for sharing

On Jan 6, 2015 Abhishek wrote:

 Thanks Mihir :) Glad it resonated :D


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