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Creating Welcoming Space

On Jan 1, 2015 sheetal V wrote:

Creating welcoming space for the others to me includes everything from physical space of dwelling to being present for the person in any moment. I love hosting people and offering them space that will nurture them and make them feel at peace. This gives me an opportunity to look within and see how available I am for everyone who comes. My granny used to say "people will come to you only when you have open , trustworthy and loving energies" so it helps to check whether I am that. I have been through experiences when people have turned cold and not available to listen to my heart and at those times I felt being available to listen also creates a warm and trustworthy space for others. When I had a question of "why should we create such and such a space for others?" the Answer came "Your journey is not your own and that there are is an array of happenings that allows it to unfold, so when you create such a space for so called "others" you are actually creating a loving environment for your journey to be supported and nurtured." 

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