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Kindness Includes Everything

On Dec 23, 2014 Blessed wrote:

 Praise and Thank​sgiving to God, in and throughout my day, best roots me in Kindness.  Adequate rest, a flowing spirit and submission ( too) aid in the attitude of kindness.  
When I was a little girl, there was a man in my life  (my father) who did not "deserve" (by my little mind's standards) to be treated kindly.  In prayer and by way of my spiritual adult mentor, God TOLD me that while I was yet a sinner ( unkind) He GIFTED me ( in kindness) His Son.  In this, God told me to do the same with my father.  Let your light, love and kindness be a constant to him . . . Period.  As He is God (kind) and I am not, when I allowed/allow God's kindness to flow through me, I was able to do what He asked.  Love ( be kind) to one another because Love ( kindness) is of God.  Amen and amen to The Gift of Christmas.  Love you!

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