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    On Dec 23, 2014 Syd wrote:

    When I read this writing "Kindness Includes Everything" I thought of a three year old child saying loud and clear, "I am and I am not." There seems to be a living spite at this age, even a malice that begins to loses contact with this inner Essence. And for me personally, because I felt deeply cut off from the Ground of Being in my early years, it now feels like I am seeking this constant support and reinforcement from the Supreme Being. It is as if my beliefs are seeking an agenda and to sustain me in a particular identity. However, because of physical circumstances, I have had to drop my beliefs and even trying to convince myself certain beliefs are true. Faith is becoming the actual support and presence. It is like the direct experience of Essence.

    Breaking this boundary between what "I am and what I am not" is kindness. This kindness appears to be seeing through this boundary and recognizing the invention within my own mind. Breaking this boundary feels like simply resting in and learning to be one with my true identity. The real clarity is I no longer work at it. I feel like I am learning to surrender into being nothing and paradoxically this is everything. The down fall to this nothingness is it feels like walking off the edge of the world, my end or my death. Faith is all there is to counteract the terror and despair and at the same time it is the starting point where everything begins within this Void.

    This place to just begin is kindness and maybe this is simplicity itself. It is where there is no artificial manipulation. It is just this place where my response to life and other people is completely sincere, direct, and heartfelt. It feels like this kindness is unselfconscious because it is one with the world. Maybe kindness can awaken this innocence, this largeness of heart, where there is no boundaries. And it seems faith, this unshakable confidence, is all that can go here where I am not bound by my beliefs, doubts, and learned procedures. It feels like kindness is truly a clarification of all my boundaries and even seeing through boundaries. This is Essence and is felt with everyone here and truly is the significance of your presence.

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    On Dec 23, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Syd -- Too deep for me to grasp all of it, but what you wrote felt good.  I'll reread.  Thanks.  Dave

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    On Dec 23, 2014 Syd wrote:

    Dave, I would agree with you I was too deep.  I was trying to observe interrelated patterns between boundaries and innocence and the kind act in lowering my boundaries.  And I appreiate you letting me know I was to complex.  It is time to start learning to transcend rational thought.

    I also want to say I appreciate your faith, as it appears very realistic, even your own value without reference to anyone or anything.  Your faith appears solid and secure, even without any self-congratulaton.  Your center of faith is felt and is a gift to each of us.            

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    On Dec 24, 2014 jo wrote:

    The beauty of this site is that you (we) are able to dig deep.  Interest is found in the depth of matters.  It's OK to do what you do . . . (Healthy, too)!  Makes reading an adventure to find meaning.  A blessed eve of Christmas to all. 

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