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Kindness Includes Everything

On Dec 23, 2014 Stephanie wrote:

 When kindness and love are the foundation of our interactions, all else seems to fall in to place.  I believe whole heartedly that kindness and love must be authentic.  And to be able to truly and authentically share kindness and love, I first had to start with myself.  Sure, I tried to put forth and I did put forth kind acts toward others but there was always a little something missing… both on the giving and receiving end.  When I stepped back to really reflect and focus on first healing myself… being kind to myself and finding the place where I could love the essence of who I am, I found that each act of kindness and each interaction wrapped with love became so much more authentic and complete.  I find that giving with pure intentions of kindness and love is really a gift to me as well.  It completes the mending of all the tattered and torn parts inside and I know ultimately that is mending tattered or torn parts of what’s around me as well!!!!  Many kind wishes of love to all!!!!!

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