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Kindness Includes Everything

On Dec 22, 2014 Gilberto Dominguez wrote:

 One day I was walking down our drive way, it happened to be about a quarter of a mile long at that time, we lived in the country side on the edge of San Jose and the city of Milpitas. Use to be nothing but orchards here as far as they eye could see but we have turned into the present Silicon Valley. In any case I during this particular day I was feeling particularly contemplative and a thought came to me, " I am the space I occupy, I am both space and matter. I am self aware there for space and matter are self aware. This thought lead me to the realization that the Universe is aware by the mere fact that I am a part of it, made of the same stuff and I am self aware therefore I can say the Universe is self aware. Some would call this realization the presence of God. As human beings we have the ability to comprehend and related to the omnipresence of God, the spirit of love and unity, of being related to all there is, life in particular is of interest in this realization I then had a second thought, I asked my self what is love? where does it come from ? Is it outside of me, can it be given, taken, traded like a tangible object?. It was then that I observed a caterpillar worm in the middle of forming a cocoon and there after transform into a butterfly. I thought ahah ! Human beings are born human beings, that is people in the human form but we have the ability to transform and I further realize that, that transformation is innate, inborn, natural. We were made by God to transform into love and that is our natural evolutionary path. If one is in tune, balanced, sober, loving, one not only realized this but accepts it as self evident. Without us transforming into love there is not love we can experience. Yes we can experience other people's kindness toward us but the only way to truly experience love is to be love itself. If you are love itself then kindness is everything, in everything, it is a state of being, No judgment, no selection, and not choice we are simply love and kind because it is our state of being.

On Dec 22, 2014 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

Gilberto! yes, yes! I love what you wrote! Here's to becoming LOVE and sharing it heart to heart, human to human. Hugs from my heart to yours, Kristin

On Dec 22, 2014 Always wrote:

 I second that!

On Dec 23, 2014 1curiousgeorge wrote:

 And I third that.  Beautifully expressed!

On Dec 23, 2014 Martha wrote:

 Make it 4!  Absolutely beautiful. 

On Dec 23, 2014 david doane wrote:

 Gilberto -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts/insights -- they give me food for reflection.  David Doane


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