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Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces

On Dec 12, 2014 david doane wrote:

What I call good and evil are all me.  Qualities in me that I like, I call good, and qualities that I don't like, I call evil, and all qualities are me.  The qualities are different but they are not separate from me, and in proclaiming some of them separate and evil I split myself and make some of me my enemy to deny or repress or destroy.  I become a house divided.  The challenge is to feed both, accept and incorporate all of me, and become whole.  I can learn to use all of me and have all of me be of service to me rather than aspects of me that I don't like taking control of me.  All that is easier said than done, but I have a lifetime to work on it.  Being mindful is a way of seeing that what I call good and what I call evil are me, which helps me be free to get to know and utilize all of me.  As for a personal story, what comes to mind is that I've come to know that I don't have to or need to be angry, and the energy that used to become anger is more often firmness or assertiveness or compassion. 

On Dec 13, 2014 Maria wrote:

 Thank you for your post. I know I don't do a very good job some times of explaining things or expressing myself and at times it may seem like I'm trying to tell people how to live but I try not to offer advice.I usually tell people just to be in prayer about things they need answers for.


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