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A Pledge For Grateful Living

On Nov 26, 2014 Syd wrote:

In my appreciation for life I am thankful for learning to surrender to the value of faith without reference to anyone. I need to say this faith feels empty.  Because of my beliefs and my identity within my beliefs this faith feels like nothingness.  Therefore, to counteract the terror and despair this faith is a leap into the unknown.  There is no accomplishment or a particular achievement, as this faith is Divine awareness.  This faith is its own value, an unshakable confidence, where its Essence cannot be lost or harmed, even within the void.  The IS emerges beyond beliefs and what is learned.  Faith centers in Essence, like Divine awareness, and is a still point.  This faith falls into being nothing, empty, and paradoxically everything.  Faith can do no other, is its own support, and makes everything already here the Supreme Being.      

On Nov 27, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving to all! wrote:

 In appreciation for Syd's life, I pray for Fullness (to cup overflowing) of Faith this "Thanks Giving".  Thank you, in advance Lord for changing his empty, nothingness, terror, despair and unknown into (appropriate) FULLNESS, SOMETHINGNESS, FEARLESSNESS, CONFIDENT ASSURANCE  that You ARE in control.  
in You we live, love and have a reason to be grateful.  I LOVE YOU BROTHER!  


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