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Who are you, really?

On Nov 18, 2014 Jagdish P dave wrote:

 Truth about me-who am I, my true self-is multidimensional.I am born in this world, some where, some time which can be described in words and needs to be described at times. I have grown and developed in my culture which can be described and is helpful to me and others related to me. I have had beliefs about what is right  and good and what is not right and good and I have spiritual core values by which I live my life. I have cultivated tastes for a variety of things. I am different from others and I am also alike others.

Is there something which is universal without out boundaries created by us as human beings? Is there something that bonds all life, which has no name but exists, which is beyond thoughts and words? Do we experience that without the intervention of our mind? Can we feel it, sense it, realize it? 

I am reminded of a story that I had heard in a discourse. It is the story of Buddha holding a flower in his hand and asking the listeners the following question: What do you see in my hand? Everybody started thinking about the flower, looking for words to describe it. Mahakashyapa saw the flower, smiled and said, " I see the flower." He saw the flower. He did not think about it, did not compare it with other flowers. He saw the flower as it was.To me,truth is being fully present as it is revealing, unfolding and emerging on its own, spontaneously and effortlessly. It is perceived as it is without coloring it by past experiences or future anticipations. It is realized in the here and now consciousness. To quote Krishnamurti, it is choiceless awarenes or as Rumi puts it, it is Presence.

When and how do I experience such awareness? When I am in deep meditation I am in the awareness  being zone. When I see a child with an innocent expression of wonderment. When I see a flower blooming, hear a bird chirping, birds flying in the sky in a V shaped design, looking at the twinkling stars and moms holding their babies in  loving hands. I feel it when words come out spontaneously connecting people I have known or have not known. It has has its freshness and fullness. These are precious moments. They are not repeatable as they are always in the here and now flow.

Bow to you  friends.

Jagdish P Dave

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