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Who are you, really?

On Nov 18, 2014 Dave J wrote:

Though  truth of who I am is beyond thoughts and words, I use words to describe the realization of the truth which is beyond the thoughts and words.I am reminded of a story form the Buddhist literature. Buddha, the awakened one, held a flower in his hand and asked a simple question to his listeners, "What do you see in my hand?" All who were present were looking for a word to describe what they were seeing. Mahakashyapa, the one who was sitting quietly, smiled. Buddha said," Mahakasyapa. You got it." Realization of the truth about me is felt in the cave of the silent heart. The thinking mind is completely quiet, Awareness dawns on its own and I realize who I am. I have glimpses of such indescribable beyond the beyond, the beyond experiences in deep meditation, when I feel the presence of the air touching me, seeing the innocent and wondering eyes of a child, the sound of a bird coming from nowhere, watching a humming bird dancing on a flower and a smile flickering on my face effortlessly, words coming out of my mouth spontaneously. Rumi uses the word Presence to describe what is indescribable in words.

I bow to you silently, friends.

On Jan 13, 2015 debbie wrote:

 i sense you dancing at the edge of on dear spirit!


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