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Who are you, really?

On Nov 18, 2014 Mamta wrote:

 I have had this profound sense of inner knowing a few times now in different contexts, once during a soul plan reading, once during a Reiki retreat, and once during meditation at a QiGong retreat. It seemed like, I knew the truth of these insights that arose, at soul level, some of this was surprising - as in me, can I really be that! Some was accompanied by a flood of emotion. And yes, it seems like I have to let go of attachment to some misperception that has held me back from some of these realisations. I trust that with time, as more of such misperceptions are released, more inner truth will conitnue to be revealed. As I am more at peace, and present, and in my body, I will continue to be able to connect with my inner truth.

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