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Practice of Being Real

On Nov 12, 2014 Always wrote:

 Monday evenings I teach "Theology of the Body" to teenagers at my church.  Week after week, I remind the class NOT to trust their feelings.  Instincts, yes . . . feelings, no.  "Feelings" react to things/people/circumstances. "Instinct" IS what YOU/ we have to stay level/more proactive/less reactive/logical/in sync with our strengths and CORE.  
Case in point:  My instinct and prayer directed me to my husband to marry (30 years ago).  Had I allowed my feelings to decide my mate, I would today be married to Bob (my boyfriend at 16).  Uncontrolled feelings mislead those experiencing and those receiving the rippling effect of the emotion . . . and often puts us in a place we shouldn't be.
Good to read your thoughts Brett.  Thank you!      

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