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    On Mar 20, 2019 Quacinda wrote:

    Seed questions for reflection:
    1.) What does being existentially lazy mean to you?

    To me it means that:
    • I have beenunaware of my own domestication - how I was trained to be and to behave.
    •It means I am caught up in dysfunctional drama.
    • it means I am living by lies instead of truth.

    2.)Can you share a personal experience of a time you became acutely aware of this laziness?

    Long story short.. when I realized I put-up with crap because I was raised to accept others being dominate and powerful over me. I was taught to give-in, to 'turn the other cheek' accepting and even going beyond acceptance by offering the abuser 'to do it again', all in the name of God [and in this way making a sacrificeof sorts - becoming a martyr, suffering for others and believing God has a reward for me in the endfor God.
    I didn't realize I could say no to abuse and walk away from it. And I didn't have to stay in an abusiverelationship in order to live right.

    Ibecame aware of the real issues and what to do about it when I was30 years old. I sought support from pastors, fromcounselors, and support groups. Then I askedfor a divorce, and walked away. It was painful and life became harder financially. But I talked openly with my four children (they were half grown) and showed son and daughters they didn't need to put up with abuse. Ten years later I can say we are definitely happier.

    3.)What helps you be in activity without being "busy"?
    For me, to be aware. To think positive, to take steps even if I don't get exactly what I want right away.

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    On Mar 21, 2019 AJ wrote:

    I hear you!
    1 Peter 5:3
    Simply, do right by TRUTH ... not caring about outcome ...allow your True Boss be your True Boss. He made you to be YOU! BLOOM where you are planted, He will empower you to BE BOLD for HIM (Who IS Truth!) The ONLY thing that REALLY matters in life is that people should KNOW HIM. Amen.
    I hear you! my story is much the same!
    Thank you “others” for your reflections! I read and appreciate you!

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