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Practice of Being Real

On Nov 11, 2014 Bradley wrote:

 I think we need to be careful not to confuse being "real" with "doing your own thing". Suppose one has very strong beliefs, but they are not those of a kind and compassionate person. Should they be true to themselves? Should they be real?
Being real, or true to oneself, should be coupled with being kind to others. Being real means opening your heart and not being afraid to change. I feel most true to myself when I'm not trying. When I am just being, when I let go of my ego...that's when I'm being real. When I'm serving others without expectations, whether it be through small acts of kindness or just everyday interactions...that's when I'm being <3.

On Nov 15, 2014 a sister wrote:

 The last few days I have been enjoying the "real" in nature.  When walking my dog in the woods, I hear my steps in the gravel (on path) and fallen leaves (off path).  In my frequent "pauses", however, I really get to take in the "real" of the wind, trees, wildlife, temperatures, ect . . . Everything "doing it's own thing" . . . And it is beautiful!  Since that which God created before man hasn't "free will", all I experience in the stillness of the woods is most pure in it's reality.  
People (all of us) are sinners.  We choose our reality (what we say, what we do).  People choose who they are most comfortable "being real" with.  We choose who we'd like to draw near to and who it is perhaps best to distance ourselves from by the "fruit of their tree".  God called His creation of man and woman to be "very good", but in reality, our goodness comes from Him alone.  
Your question, should we be real (in our fallen nature), is thought provoking.  


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