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The Question of Being

On Nov 7, 2014 Eduard Maldus wrote:

Dear Adya , the question of being means everything to me at the moment because I am concious of it now .
I believe that there were moments in the past when I experienced "awakened" moments but they didn´t last because I was not concious of what spirituality meant and was looking in the wrong , or better , equivocal traditional various religions in seach of truth . I have been in search for truth always. 
Once, when I was is St Thomas in the Carribean I used to dance in front of the sea in Magens Bay beach which is a beautiful place . I am a dancer and through the dance I lived this awareness of awakening for many moments . The first day changed my life  because I was dancing and suddenly , when I stood still looking at the sea , I felt a harmony with everything , I  looked back and saw the trees and the huge palm trees and the small plants , and they were all dancing moved by the wind. Then the seagulls were diving to get food and their plunge into the water was a dance too ...... then  everything was dancing and I was dancing in harmony with was sublime and I could even feel the energy of all around me in different ways.This happened some days but when I was alone only , that is without people around making believe something else .
In my last day there I went to Magens Bay to say good bye to that divine and harmonious vision , entered the woods walking barefoot in the snow white colored sand and cried.
When I arrived in New York I started to develop my own style of dance based in that experience and I was able to develop and structure my art from that moment on not only in the dance but singing , painting and writting now.
Last may , when I got in touch with your teachings , I understood profoundly that past experience and ever since then I am changing more and more because I have your orientation and I have faith in the truth of your teachings because you are the embodying of it .
It has not been easy to undo a whole life of make believe , except for those precious moments .
I am embracing the now and being aware of it as it is .
with love from E d U aR d

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