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Conscious Simplicity

On Oct 21, 2014 Cal wrote:

Reading these comments was a fine wrap-up to my day, except that I'm now buzzing with thoughts and comments of my own, and not so inclined to sleep. Definitely would be an all-nighter if we were having this dialogue in person. Thanks to all. Just a couple of additions for me, tonight....
First, I'm struck by my awareness that I find myself in each of these perspectives at different times, if I'm paying attention. I can be somewhat "simpler than thou", when I have an insight that I really like, about how all of this works. I can think sometimes that only the minimal-est of the minimalist is the "real deal" of simplifying life. I sometimes allow myself to be satisfied by my fairly easy efforts such as downsizing, turning off lights, using more energy efficient items, etc , and become complacent. At the other extreme, I can be discouraged by my and others'
inability to "fix this planet", and feel, "what's the use? I'm just not doing enough!"

At my best, I see that there's a kernel of truth in each of these attitudes, and that the less useful energy of each position is usually connected to ego, and I chuckle. Isn't it amazing how this big new brain of ours can get simplicity all tangled up in self-focused cognition? I guess for me, that chuckle is the saving grace that from time to time allows me to fall back into better balance. I think of that balance as my ARIA, (yeah, like the opera). My AWARENESS, REFLECTION, INTENT, and ACTION just sort of flow with ease and strength and grace and appreciation and harmony. It's a good song, when it happens like that. Wow!

I'm sleepy again. Thanks, all, for the lovely nightcap. Namaste'


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