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    On Mar 2, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    By relating to what's happening in the present moment helps me to know "less about before". In the present moment there is awareness of what's happening here and now. This here and now consciousness is pure consciousness unclouded by the past and the future.In this stateof consciousness I feel free from the past bondage and future anticipations.By being fully connected with the flow of the present moment, my eyes see the world within and withoutfreshly. My ears hear the untarnished sounds within me and without me. Being present creates spaces in the holes of the flute of my life and I hear the sound loud and clear.
    When I give myself room from the noisy and fast moving world, I feel the presence of alive silence which helps me to go deeper within me to know myself, to look at myself from a wider and clear perspective which takes me on a higherground. As the ancient Hindu prayer says, " Lead me from untruth unto truth, from darkness unto light." Such daily practice of meditation and contemplation strengthens my motivation for reaching a higherground.
    JagdishP dave

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    On Mar 13, 2019 Amy wrote:


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