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Conscious Simplicity

On Oct 20, 2014 Jyoti wrote:

I understand and agree with 1 & 2 but need a lot more to really understand 3. In my experience, I find that little children have that deep simplicity where they gravitate towards love and beauty without conscious effort. I can relate to them easily. Practicing simplicity in my own life is an ongoing effort that keeps peeling away at layers. I see women in high heels or hiding behind masks of makeup and wonder why they torture themselves so, but they probably see my lack of makeup as not loving myself enough to care for my appearance? I agree that there are no simple answers.

On Oct 25, 2014 again wrote:

 Interesting Jyoti. How we cover our bodies tells a story.  In our dress, we can reveal who we really are, what we do, who we'd like to be, who we'd like others "to think" we are . . . sometimes we dress to hide, reduce, shock . . .    
Keeping it simple, just seems right to me!  (Like a Christmas tree, the more stuff you put on it, the more "stuff" you'll need to remove when your season is finished!) 


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