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On Oct 20, 2014 Eduard Maldus wrote:

 Adya , I feel the pull towards Love , stronger and stronger . I have looked for Love always and believe that was my saving force trhough my life . 
In spite of the demmands of the ego I notice that I have walked a few steps towards my center of being .
Dreams are making me aware of various situations I couldn´t realize before and  this shift of view from the ego to  my essence is giving me the strength to be true to myself deeper and deeper . And I must act according to that .
Even my body is changing like a feeling of unfolding itself to receive new positive energies .
And sincronicities are happening in many ways.
I am starting to adapt myself to all that and the ever changing Universe .
Thank you for your ever graceful and pertinent advices.
with love from     E d U aR d

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