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Conscious Simplicity

On Oct 17, 2014 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 Conscious simplicity is living in such a way as to do the least harm to the planet, yourself and others. Example, I was living in a home that I felt was too big for one person. When I bought it very cheaply in 1997 I rescued greyhounds, thought i might have a family, hosted many gatherings so it was a perfect space. Then in September 2005, I was single, no longer rescuing or fostering dogs, had left my fulltime job to become a fullt-time Cause Focused Storyteller devoted to connecting cultures and peoples through Story, was divorced and knew I was not having a family. So I sold my house and gave away (or sold) most of my possessions (furniture, books, artwork, kitchen stuff, etc) I then started a volunteer literacy project in Central America (through an invitation). I lived in an 8X10 room (like most of the rest of the world) and it was Liberating!! Question to ask oneself: am I doing more harm than good with my actions/choices. Question 2: do I really this item? What damage might it do to the planet. Example, I had my flip cell phone for 7 years and only purchased a new phone when the other one completely died and could not be repaired. Best wishes to all of us working to live simply.

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