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    On Oct 14, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Education means to lead out, to guide.  To me, education is to lead out of darkness into the light, or out of ignorance into awareness.  Training means directing someone to perform in a particular way.  Leading and guiding are different than telling and directing.  Education (leading out) is a process of allowing, nurturing, and facilitating an unfolding that is emerging from within a person; training (directing) is a process of instruction from the outside telling someone what to do.  Education begins with the learner.  Training begins with the trainer.  They both have a place.  They can work together.  They often cycle, that is, some education and then some training etc.  For instance, an interest in automotive repair may emerge from inside and be lead out and fostered, which I think of as education, and at some point the individual is likely to be directed as to how he's supposed to do it, which is training.  In childbirth, an obstetrician may lead and guide a baby out into the light, and may also direct and tell the mother what to do.  The difference became clear to me in the process of going to school, where both experiences happened, often times education on my own and training in the classroom.  My 'dream' is to focus on and trust process, and not focus on and try to control outcome; to perform impeccably and hope for the best outcome (or leave the outcome up to God).  That's my dream.  The relentless pursuit  of competency in my dream is competency in staying with the process.

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    On Oct 17, 2014 a TA wrote:

    Thank you, David!  Crystal clear teacher are you!  Enjoyed!

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