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    On Oct 7, 2014 Jack Taylor wrote:

     Quite interesting expressions exemplifying the reason why tolle is found confusing and maze like by so many erudite experienced practicing readers, he extracts pre written adages scriptures of Advaita Vedanta, and other modern genuine authors and dilutes them with modern pop accepted contradictory personal views that are originally advised against, such as moral ambiguity,  leaving an artificial version of his own, originating in his suicidal depression, a
    Superficial unfulfilling projected emptiness that is devoid of the genuine spiritual experience which is an unspeakable joy. As subad Ingrid wrote, he often  aligns depressed semi sociopathy and apathy with spirituality, never done in the east where it originates traditionally, in order to be user friendly. In balance, consider when a famous multi millionaire of personally owned accomplished melded works accrediting his suicidal  depression with wisdom speaks of non accomplishment encouraging non productivity as spiritual, the wild irrationality of it taints the beauty of the true nectar of our true self, the source of flooding beauty into the world as rumi, and those who truly experienced stillness as love have always discovered. To balance the perspective, explore the more lucid origin of eckarts, or his birth name of origin, works in eastern scriptures from original masters who describe the ecstasy of fulfillment that floods over and through us, creatively.

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